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Truran Books have put together a selection of links that may be of interest to visitors of our site.

John Dyer
The personal web site and blog of John Dyer
> www.johndyer.info
Felicity Paradise by Debby Fowler
The Felicity Paradise series has been created by Debby Fowler. Debby is a very experienced author with numerous publications to her credit. About three years ago she was chatting to her publishers about ideas for books and it was suggested that we might have a crime/detective series set in Cornwall.
> www.felicityparadise.com
Viv Hendra
Viv Hendra runs The Lander Gallery which is situated in Lemon Street, the Georgian heart of Truro, county town of Cornwall.

They specialise in fine art with a Cornish connection.

> www.landergallery.co.uk/
Kurt Jackson
Kurt Jackson is one of Britain's leading painters. Born in 1961 his work embraces an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media, large canvases, relief work, print making and sculpture.
> www.kurtjackson.co.uk
Daphne du Maurier
Daphne was born in 1907, grand-daughter of the brilliant artist and writer George du Maurier, daughter of Gerald, the most famous Actor Manager of his day, she came from a creative and successful family.
> www.dumaurier.org
Helen Doe, Tales of the Maritime Heritage of Cornwall
In Cornwall this was a time when it was quicker and easier to travel by sea than by land, when smuggling was still active and when small fast wooden sailing ships were built in great numbers to sail the oceans. When the smuggling trade declined, ships were built for the coastal trades of china clay and coal and the deep sea trades, importing dried cod from Newfoundland and pineapples and oranges from the Bahamas and the Azores.

On this site, you will find an introduction to some of this history. A book about the only woman shipbuilder in Cornwall, a list of the 19th century shipbuilders active in the Fowey and Mevagissey area, links to other useful sites, a booklist for further information, and a list of illustrated talks.
> www.leveryas.co.uk
Michael Sagar-Fenton
Michael Sagar-Fenton is a freelance writer and journalist, living and working in his native West Cornwall.
> www.michaelsagar-fenton.co.uk/