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Like most publishers we are always looking for new titles to add to our list. At present about 50% of our titles are commissioned and the other half are from submitted manuscripts.

To assist potential authors here are some points to save us both time.

  1. Manuscripts should be on west-country topics.

  2. Ideally it is well worth talking to us or any other publisher for that matter, earlier
    rather than later in the gestation of your book.

  3. Please contact us by telephone or email with an outline of your project.

  4. DO NOT send UNSOLICITED manuscripts to us or any other publisher.

  5. As you will see from looking at our titles we publish a wide range of books
    BUT we DO NOT publish poetry, and we are very wary of fiction generally
    and books of reminiscences and family history.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too negative – as we say we are always looking for
new titles and new ideas.

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