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Cornish Lives

This series is very much author driven; in other words if you have an idea please discuss it with us. The books will be in an A5 format 40/48pages, roughly 10-12,000 words, illustrated if appropriate.

Subjects need to be Cornish or incomers who have made a significant contribution to Cornwall or Cornish culture. Texts can be a straightforward biography or highlight part of a life or particular incidents or contributions that a person has made.
image of D.H.Lawrence & Cornwall
D.H.Lawrence & Cornwall
by Philip Payton

ISBN: 978 185022 228 6
210x147mm - 48 pages

Fully Illustrated.

 ‘We go to Cornwall, on Thursday. There is the beginning.’ So wrote D.H. Lawrence on 27 December 1915...’I like Cornwall very much. It is not England.’

D.H. Lawrence came to Cornwall with his new wife Frieda, a cousin of the German ‘red baron’ flyiing ace. They lived first at Porthcothan and then near Zennor – ‘the promised land’. They were joined by a number of their friends including the composer Peter Warlock and the writers Katherine Mansfield and her husband Middleton Murrry.

Lawrence hoped to create an ideal community – yet by October 1917 they were ordered out of Cornwall.

The official notice only hastened the inevitable; the impossible dream turned into a nightmare. Philip Payton pieces together this fasinatimg episode in the life of Lawence – the impossible dreamer.

Philip Payton is Professor of Cornish & Australian Studies at the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus, where he is also Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies. He has written extensively on Cornwall and the Cornish. Recent books include Cornwall - A History (2004), The Cornish Overseas: A History of Cornwall's Great Emigration (2005), A.L. Rowse and Cornwall: A Paradoxical Patriot (2005), and Making Moonta: The Invention of Australia's Little Cornwall (2007).

image of Bert Solomon
Bert Solomon
by Allen Buckley

ISBN: 978 185022 218 7
210x147mm - 48 pages

Illustrated with some remarkable contemporary photographs.

Bert Solomon was a legend in his own lifetime. He changed a county of rugby enthusiasts into one of rugby fanatics. He thrilled a whole generation of Cornishmen and women with his amazing skill.

When rugby men talk of the greats of Cornish rugby, Bert Solomon’s name invariably takes precedence! He was truly a rugby phenomenon - a genius who could out run, out kick and outplay the finest rugby internationals of his day.

But, despite the celebrity status he enjoyed in the hearts and minds of his fellows, he remained throughout his life a quiet, humble and self-effacing Cornishman. For as long as Cornish rugby is played, Bert Solomon will never be forgotten.

image of Henry Trengrouse - The Cornish Inventor of the Rocket Life-Saving Apparatus
Henry Trengrouse - The Cornish Inventor of the Rocket Life-Saving Apparatus
by Richard and Bridget Larn

ISBN: 978 185022 202 6
210x147mm - 48 pages

At long last a fully reseached biography of Henry Trengrouse has been published to celebrate the man and his achievements. Written by renowned maritime historians Richard and Bridget Larn, this short book parallels Trengrouse's life and work with other inventors in the field and concludes with a brief history of life-saving apparatus.

Fully illustrated.