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Cookery/natural health

image of Sprouting
by Deborah Fowler

ISBN: 978 185022 211 8
210x147mm - 90 pages

A comprehensive guide to sprouting seeds and beans - how to do it - recipes and key information about the virtues of each srouted seed or bean.

image of The Herb Book
The Herb Book
by Deborah Fowler and Sally Cuckson

ISBN: 978 185022 236 1
210x147mm - 48 pages

The information in this book is based on personal experience. There is not a herb featured that we have not grown ourselves and  hope passing on this experience will prove useful.

image of Pasties and Cream
Pasties and Cream
by Hettie Merrick

ISBN: 978 185022 197 5
210x147mm - 72 pages

Pasties and Cream is a wonderful collection of reminiscences and recipes from Cornwall. Hettie Merrick was brought up in Porthleven during the 1930s and 1940s. For many years she ran a pasty shop in her native village; a tradition carried on by her daughter Ann down at the Lizard.

A delightful read which is sure to evoke happy memories for those who lived through those days and for those who didn't as a reminder of what we have lost.

20 black and white illustrations.