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image of Letting Go
Letting Go
by Debby Fowler

ISBN: 978 185022 206 4
178x110mm - 280 pages

A crime novel set in St Ives. This is the first novel of a series with a Felicity Paradise as the heroine and amateur detective, sometimes working with Inspector Penrose of the Devon and Cornwall Police. When Felicity Paradise's lawyer husband is killed by a hit and run driver in Oxford, she flees to Cornwall in an attempt to sort out her life. Though the verdict is 'unlawful killing', she is convinced his death was deliberate and is linked in some way to the case on which he was working.



image of Intensive Care
Intensive Care
by Debby Fowler

ISBN: 978 185022 214 9
178x110mm - 284 pages

Intensive Care is the second in the Felicity Paradise crime series.

Set in St Ives and Zennor Intensive Care finds Felicity struggling to cope with her grown-up daughter staying with her in her tiny cottage. There is hardly room for Mel’s suitcase let alone her ego, and the building tension between mother and daughter forces them to face some uncomfortable truths.

Fizzy has a commission to illustrate a locally written children’s book and during her sketching expeditions around St Ives, she encounters a small boy. His image haunts her - where has she seen him before? After a frantic dash to Oxford to look at some old school photos she has him placed. A reluctant Inspector Penrose is dragged in and is gradually convinced that the chase isn’t solely after wild geese. The two of them, fighting demons of their own, discover the truth - a complicated tangle of wrecked lives bringing Felicity to face up to another tragedy in her past.



image of The Silver Sea
The Silver Sea
by Debby Fowler

ISBN: 978 185022 223 1
178x110mm - 258 pages

The third title in the series.

A highly successful business man with a holiday home in St Ives goes missing. His clothes are left on the beach. Has he drowned whilst surfing or has his disappearance been carefully staged?

Months later Felicity thinks she seems him on Tresco, but it can’t be! The missing man is pronounced officially dead, but the case, if there is a
case takes an unexpected and tragic turn.  Keith Penrose, newly appointed chief inspector, gently unravels the layers of deceit and deception only to find he’s left with a mystery at both ends of the investigation. Assistance comes as usual from Felicity, and from a very
unlikely source, his wife Barbara. ‘Your precious Mrs Paradise didn’t think of that!’ And she hadn’t.

The story unfolds against the glorious settings of Tresco and St Michael’s Mount and of course Fizzie’s hometown of St Ives.
July 10th was another warm and sunny day on Tresco but mercifully the breeze was back. Mel, Felicity’s daughter, arrived on the first helicopter and
by eleven o’clock, the family were assembled for Bucks Fizz and croissants on the terrace of their rented cottage overlooking Old Grimsby. The table was piled high with presents and cards. A great effort clearly had been made to make Felicity feel special, and she did. Before starting on her presents, she opened her cards. There was a surprising number - from old friends and work colleagues in Oxford and from her new friends in St Ives. The last card she opened was a breathtaking photograph of Porthminster beach at dawn, the blues, greens and apricots, exquisite, the white sand tinged by a reddened sky. Entranced she opened the card.

‘To Felicity Paradise, very best wishes on your special day. Keith Penrose, (Chief Inspector)’
‘Goodness,’ said Felicity, ‘promotion. He’ll be far too smart to talk to me now.’

 I think I became the victim. I felt terrified as soon as I was in the hall, it’s why I asked you to go, I needed to hang on to the emotion and not be sidetracked. In my head I went to answer the front door, somebody had rung the bell. I opened the door and there was a man standing there.’

‘Did you see what he looked like?’ Keith asked.

‘Yes, I did,’ said Felicity. As she spoke she felt the fear again. ‘He was a tall man, well-built, not dark skinned - but sallow, with a beard...
‘What happened then?’
‘I was terrified and I screamed - sorry, it all sounds rather pathetic.’