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Local history

image of Cornwall in the First World War
Cornwall in the First World War
by Pete London

ISBN: 978 185022 244 6
240x175 - 112 pages

The First World War affected every town and village in Cornwall.  At the outbreak in August 1914 thousands joined the colours, while the Duchy soon became a vital part of Britain’s all-consuming war effort.  Ships of the Royal Navy, aircraft, even airships arrived to defend the sea lanes off Cornwall’s coastline, in a brutal campaign against marauding German submarines.  On the home front, for four gruelling years Cornish men and women worked tirelessly to support those fighting in distant battles overseas.

Today, although a century has passed there’s a strong connection with the First World War, sustained by newsreels and photographs of our great-grandparents.  We don't have to look too far back to find those who joined up, whether frock-coated, flat-capped or long-skirted.  Conflict raged on a scale never seen before, and Cornwall played a crucial role in the struggle.

The centenary of the First World War represents a unique moment in history.  As well as the military events, this book focuses on the people who lived through that time.  Uniquely illustrated with many rare images, it's a glimpse of Cornish life a hundred years ago, and will appeal to everyone with an interest in Cornwall's past.

image of The Rosebud
The Rosebud
by Michael Sagar-Fenton

ISBN: 978 185022 183 8
235x175mm - 96 pages

The Rosebud and the Newlyn Clearances tells the story of the voyage in October 1937 of a Newlyn fishing boat up the Thames to moor outside the Houses of Parliament. The purpose of the voyage was to present a petition to 10 Downing Street protesting against the wanton destruction of the picturesque houses in the fishing village of Newlyn in Cornwall.

The book is many things: an insight into a traditional fishing village, its ancient rivalry with its neighbour Penzance, political infighting, public outcry, the involvement of some of the nationally know Newlyn artists, the battle for the old village's survival - all culminating in the brilliant and photogenic voyage to the Houses of Parliament and what happened thereafter - it is both serious and comic, but always a solid piece of research.

The book has twenty-nine black and white illustrations, taken from local archives showing the people, events and buildings involved.
Michael Sagar-Fenton writes with fluency and humanity, showing a real understanding of the issues involved. He is the author of a number of books about the local area including: Penlee - the loss of a lifeboat, About St Michael's Mount and About Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole.
29 black & white illustrations.

image of The Falmouth Packets
The Falmouth Packets
by Tony Pawlyn

ISBN: 978 185022 175 3
235x170mm - 144 pages

REDUCED!   At its peak over forty vessels were employed as mail-packets, working out of Falmouth ferrying official dispatches, mail, passengers and bullion. Built for speed and lightly armed these small vessels had to contend with not only the elements but hostile navies and privateers.

Meticulously researched the book is the result of many years work. Divided into twelve chapters the topics covered include organisation of the service, packet commanders, life on board and the inevitable problems of 'free trading' which led to the notorious mutiny of 1810.

Illustrated with contemporary documents and portraits and supplemented with modern photographs recording the visual evidence to be seen today of what was once a significant industry giving Falmouth prosperity and international status. Complete with indices of ships and people, a glossary of maritime terms and various appendices the book will appeal to both the maritime historian and the general reader who is interested in this largely uncelebrated piece of Cornish and maritime history.  A truly amazing story told with verve and insight.

Tony Pawlyn is a long time member of the South-West Maritime History Society, serving as chairman from 1997 to 2000. He has recently been appointed a trustee of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall at Falmouth.

25 colour and 12 black & white illustrations.