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Maritime History

image of Devoran & its River a photographic history
Devoran & its River a photographic history
by Ralph and Marie Bird

ISBN: 978 185022 224 8
295x210mm - 118 pages

REDUCED!  This is a collection of old photographs of Devoran and the surrounding area, giving the reader an insight into life gone by and showing how things have changed over the years.

image of Henry Trengrouse - The Cornish Inventor of the Rocket Life-Saving Apparatus
Henry Trengrouse - The Cornish Inventor of the Rocket Life-Saving Apparatus
by Richard and Bridget Larn

ISBN: 978 185022 202 6
210x147mm - 48 pages

At long last a fully reseached biography of Henry Trengrouse has been published to celebrate the man and his achievements. Written by renowned maritime historians Richard and Bridget Larn, this short book parallels Trengrouse's life and work with other inventors in the field and concludes with a brief history of life-saving apparatus.

Fully illustrated.

image of Jane Slade of Polruan
Jane Slade of Polruan
by Helen Doe

ISBN: 1 85022 162 6
240x175mm - 128 pages

REDUCED!  The inspiration for Daphne du Maurier's first novel, Jane Slade of Polruan is an account of a family of shipbuilders in a small Cornish village. Their rise in the early nineteenth century and their subsequent downfall during the depression of 1930 parallels the history of so many other family enterprises in Cornwall. At the centre of all this activity is the amazing Jane Slade who took control of the family business on her husband's death. She was the only woman shipbuilder in Cornwall and her legacy lived on through successive generations of shipbuilders, owners, repairers and mariners and in the ship named after her.

Fifty years after her death the story of Jane and her family inspired a young budding author Daphne du Maurier to write her first novel The Loving Spirit. Here the facts behind the fiction are recounted, the real Jane Slade is revealed and she and her family take their place in the history of Cornwall.

There is an index of the ships that the Slades built and of those who had shares in them. There is a detailed comparison of the real people and places and those in the fictional rendering of the story of Jane Slade.The book is illustrated with contemporary prints and photographs, many of them not previously published; in addition there are new photographs taken by Christian du Maurier Browning, Daphne's son, which capture the magical spirit of the Fowey estuary. These scenes often little changed would have been familiar to characters both real and imaginary. Through them we can see the past all around us.

29 colour and 34 black and white illustrations.