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image of Princes of the Working Valley
Princes of the Working Valley
by Allen Buckley

ISBN: 978 185022 209 5
210x147mm - 136 pages

For generations mine captains in Cornish mines left notes for their colleagues coming on shift or core. These dealt what had been done on the previous shift, what needed doing, what problems had occurred, what gear was required and anything else that the mine captain needed to know. Perhaps the earliest extant journal of this type is the one written by Captain James Thomas and Captain William Petherick between December 1822 and October 1823 at Dolcoath Mine.

The letters of the two men give us is not an ‘official’ record of a great mine. It is a picture of something far harder to evaluate today – life as it was, with its pastimes, prejudices, special vocabulary, and a lively depiction of the day to day life of the mine.

Allen Buckley, in his joint capacities as practical miner and prolific historian has edited and explained everything written in the ‘Day and Night Book’ with great thoroughness and erudition making this book a very interesting and informative read. It includes lists of all the men and bal maidens who are mentioned in the Day and Night Book.

16 illustrations.

image of Botallack - the mine beneath the sea
Botallack - the mine beneath the sea
by Cyril Noall

ISBN: 978 185022 121 0
225x150mm - 126 pages

First published in 1972 this classic account of Botallack has been re-issued with a reset text and new illustrations. The visit of the Price & Princess of Wales to Botallack in 1865 made it the most famous mine in the world and the subsequent influx of visitors following in the royal wake forced the management to impose a charge for riding in the Crown skip, to prevent the work of the mine being too much interrupted. The discovery of copper in 1842 had turned a failing enterprise into 'the wonder mine of the west'. This period of prosperity was short lived and within thirty years of the royal visit, the mine was closed despite the heroic efforts of the management to keep it going in the face of falling production and increased working difficulties. An ill starred revival occurred during the early part of C20th, when Allen's shaft was sunk, too far inland to give ready access to the riches still thought to be under the sea. This book remains the only detailed history of Botallack and has been long out of print.

24 illustrations & 3 diagrams reprinted 1999.

image of South Crofty Mine - a history
South Crofty Mine - a history
by J A Buckley

ISBN: 978 185022 116 6
225x150mm - 208 pages

South Crofty was the sole surviving tin mine in Cornwall until its closure in 1998. Every change in the conditions and fortunes of the industry has been reflected in the history of South Crofty over the past three hundred years. It has witnessed the many booms, depressions, expansions and disasters, technological improvements and economic revolutions of the Cornish mining industry. South Crofty's survival for so long was due to the skill and tenacity of its workforce and the strength and persistence of its lodes. Allen Buckley worked underground at South Crofty for many years and is an acknowledged expert on Cornish mining, with numerous books and articles to his credit. Profusely illustrated with many of the photographs in colour showing modern mining practice and conditions.

First published in 1982 this new edition was republished in 1997 with new material, illustrations and a reset text.

50 illustrations & diagram.