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Cornish Language

image of A Strange and Unquenchable Race
A Strange and Unquenchable Race
by Derek R Williams

ISBN: 978 185022 205 7
210x147mm - 212 pages

REDUCED!  Cornwall and the Cornish in quotations.

In A Strange and Unquenchable Race Derek R. Williams has compiled a vastly entertaining collection of quotations about Cornwall and the Cornish that ranges from 44BC to the Simpsons in 2004.

Over 1,200 in number, they have been gleaned from a wide variety of sources reflecting how Cornwall and the Cornish are perceived up-country and how the Cornish see themselves. Writers, travellers, politicians, historians, kings, newspapers and magazines, as diverse as Virginia Woolf, Matthew Taylor, Edward I, Celia Fiennes, A. L Rowse, Michael Joseph ‘An Gof’, The Times and Private Eye, all find a place.

The chronological listing is complemented by both an author index, and a subject index that allows the reader to search for specific themes, from choughs to chapels and from hurling to Helston.

‘...the Cornish are a strange and unquenchable race - to-day they are capable of a loyal friendliness and often of gracious actions, but we must not forget that we are meeting the descendants of folk who still have a leaven of paganism in their blood.
R.Thurstan Hopkins Cornwall 1952

Derek R. Williams, whose previous works have included Prying into Every Hole and Corner: Edward Lhuyd in Cornwall in 1700 and, as editor, Henry and Katharine Jenner, is a Cornish exile who has retained close ties with his homeland. He is a bard of Gorseth Kernow (The Cornish Gorsedd).

image of Cornish Sayings and Superstitions
Cornish Sayings and Superstitions
by Kathleen Hawke

ISBN: 978 185022 204 0
210x147mm - 48 pages

A wonderful collection of Cornish sayings and superstitions which first appeared in 1973 and has been reprinted many times since then.

image of Cornish!
by Thornton B Edwads

ISBN: 978 185022 196 8
210x147mm - 144 pages

REDUCED!  Many of us will know who the Cornish Nightingale was. But who was the Cornish Cinderella? Where is the Cornish Atlantis? And why couldn't you climb the Cornish Alps? How many minutes behind GMT is Cornish Time? Which school has been called the Cornish Eton? And what do the colours of the Cornish tartan symbolize? This book is the first ever collection of phrases and terms which contain the work 'Cornish' and it will delight everyone who loves Cornish culture.