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image of Trebah
by Adrian Poole

ISBN: 978 185022 246 0
170x240 - 80 pages

image of Heligan
by Sue Lewington

ISBN: 978 185022 155 5
210x200mm - 48 pages

Everyone has been thrilled with this book of sketches. Sue very much enjoyed Heligan and this shines through in her drawings. She draws the flowers, fruit and vegetables as well as the delights of the jungle as well as the robin that tries to pinch your scone! Full colour.

image of Heligan Harvest
Heligan Harvest
by Sue Lewington

ISBN: 978 185022 176 0
245x190mm - 136 pages

Heligan Harvest is the culmination of two years work. Developed from an initial idea that it would be wonderful to record the productive gardens through the year. This book is the result of close collaboration between Sue Lewington, the artist, the publishers and Candy Smit of Heligan.  Without the wholehearted support of the Heligan team and in particular the gardeners Sue would have been unable to create this vivid and intimate portrait of the gardens.

From January through to December we can follow the never-ending cycle of sowing growing and harvesting and the endless round of weeding digging and cultivation.  This is a book that will inspire all gardeners and be a fitting memento of these amazing gardens.Fully illustrated.